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Dawei Maungmagan peninsula motorbike scooter rental

Motorbike Rental Solution

Explore the Dawei peninsula and rent a motorbike for a day or for the duration of your stay at Coconut Guesthouse. For long-term rental discount, please ask the Reception.


Myanmar Maungmagan dawei traditional massage

Traditional Myanmar Massage

Unwind during a relaxing and recovering Burmese traditional body massage. Contact us by mail or ask the Reception. We kindly ask you to book with us one day in advance.


on demand
taxi tuk-tuk in dawei city peninsula transfer

Taxi Transfer & Day Trip

Book with us an airport-hotel transfer online by adding “Pick up in Dawei” as additional services to your reservation (+15,000 ks). Contact us for a day-long excursion along the peninsula.


The following guide is designed to make a self-drive touring on the Dawei Peninsula. You can rent a motorbike with us or we can manage a taxi day trip for you.


Dawei is the capital of the Tanintharyi Division and a distinctive Myanmar southern city. Formerly known as Tavoy, the city is still an authentic and untouched destination in Myanmar. Walk around the streets and find gorgeous wooden and colonial architecture that have survived. Enjoy a meal at one of its many restaurants, markets and tea shops and visit the city's main pagodas* in the religious quarter. Night Markets • Restaurants & Tea shops • Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda • Shwe Thalyaung Pagoda • Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda (Reclining Buddha) • Cashew nuts factories • Cheroot factories • Weaving factories • Tanintharyi Region Cultural Museum • Dawei Art Center *Please dress modestly (cover shoulders, knees etc) in temples and pagodas.


Maungmagan Beach is Dawei 's main recreational beach. You will find a wide range of excellent seafood restaurants that line the beach. At the end of the day sit and relax at Coconut Bar & Restaurant (11am to 10pm) on the beach. Soak up the flaming sunset with a fresh drink or a good beer and enjoy a delicious meal with your friends. The high coefficient tides allow local people enjoy playing football or riding motorbikes on sandy flats. Stay the day at the beach swimming in the waves or floating in blown up inner tubes that are for rent all along the bay. Want to go for a walk along the coast then you can head south to the famous and pretty Myaw Yit Pagoda at the very end of Maungmagan Beach. If you are an early riser, it worths a visit to Maungmagan morning market (5.30am to 8am) for fresh fishes, seafoods and vegetables. This is the opportunity to experience full immersion into the life and culture of the local people. You can also stop at a stall and try the traditional mohinga soup.


Take a ride to the peaceful and remote Panyit village. You will pass several villages until the road becomes a little rough. However as you drive through the scenic hills, you will appreciate the view over picturesque mountain sceneries and breathtaking sea panoramas. Panyit is a quiet and welcoming little remote village surrounded by hills and paddy fields. The village community is undertaking several sustainable projects. Their goal is to prevent deforestation, keep the village and the surrounding areas clean and healthy. The eco-village project are developing recycling process, educational awareness programs and organic farming. Don't forget to stop to the Bamboo Handicraft Workshop and lunch at the Village Restaurant just in front. Panyit beach is a beautiful and long sandy beach. You will probably enjoy the beach on your own but since there are no shops around, bring plenty of water and snacks. At the very north of the beach, you can admire a beautiful pagoda on a golden rock. Between May and October, have a swim at the waterfall just before the village. It is very popular among local families.

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Coconut Guesthouse is the best accomodation base to explore the Dawei peninsula during your stay. The 60-kilometers long north-south peninsula is formed by the hills west of the Dawei River Delta and surrounded by fertile plains. From the main road, unsealed roads snake west to remote villages located behind scenic bays on the west coast. Spending leisure time on the Dawei peninsula will show you an attractive and wonderful region that has much to offer. Rent a motorbike with us or take a taxi for a day trip and head out to discover pristine beaches and authentic landscapes. If you love exploring offbeat places, these fabulous Myanmar beaches should definitely be on your list! You will find the tropical paradise beaches you are looking for. San Maria Beach (13 km - 30min) Panyit Beach (22 km - 45min) Tizit Beach (43 km - 1h) Sin Htauk Beach (70 km - 1h45) Po Po Kyauk (Grandfather Beach) (81 km - 2h) Sa Sa Aw (Paradise Beach) (80 km - 2h) Horseshoe Bay (87 km - 2h15) Mayingyi Beach (29 km - 1h)


There are plenty of waterfalls in the tropical evergreen forest around Dawei. The best period to visit them is during rainy season, between June and September. Take a ride and explore some of these wonderful waterfalls that flow across Tanintharyi's scenery and create a unique landscape among the valleys. Taw Gye waterfall (53 km - 1h30) Ka Lone Thar (Community Based Tourism) (43 km - 1h) Pa Khat Waterfall (40 km - 50min) Thin Gan Done Waterfall - after Pa Khat (70 km - 1h20) Nat Tha Mee (Angel Waterfall) (48 km - 1h20) Panyit Waterfall (20 km - 45min)


Do you want unforgettable and pleasant moments in Myanmar? Choose from a variety of activities in the Dawei region letting you experience southern Myanmar’s culture and nature in a comfort and authentic way. You will be accompagnied with skilled and english speaking local guides who will share with you their passion for Dawei, Myanmar and travel. We are collaborating with Dawei Panorama, a travel agency based in Dawei.


Full day Boat tour (from 7 am to 7 pm) 60 USD/person + 10,000 Ks (zone fee). Spend a full day trip to Moscos Islands on a comfortable traditional wooden boat. These islands are a wildlife sanctuary and a completely untouched protected area except from temporary fishermen’s camps. Visit some of the most secluded bays of the Myeik Archipelago surrounded by dense tropical forests and unspoilt beaches. Enjoy snorkelling in the best-preserved corals reefs in all of Myanmar. Swim with colourful fishes and admire soft corals and anemones. What is included in the price? Pick up by car at Coconut Guesthouse • Boat day trip • English speaking local tour guide • Breakfast (local traditional food, coffee, orange juice) • Lunch (seafood BBQ on the Island, Myanmar Tealeaf salad, fruits, Coke) • Drinking water • Snorkelling equipment • Transfer back to Coconut Guesthouse Don't forget to bring your swimwear, sun protection and flip-flops.


Half day tour 7:00 am to 11:00 am or 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm One person: 40 USD/person More than one person: 25 USD/person Experience an amazing trip throughout History. Explore World War II trenches and bunkers amidst lush jungle where the fight between Myanmar and Japan took place. Walk through scenic countryside where are sheltered local villages, farms and plantations. Then set sail on the "Little Amazone" river surrounded by the rainforest. Relax and let yourself be enchanted by the magnificent nature, listening the sounds of the forest and the murmuring of the river flow. We will bring you the closest you have ever come to the tropical forest and the habitat of many birds, monkeys and other animals. What is included in the price? English speaking local tour guide • Tuk Tuk Transport • Boat trip • Drinking water/coffee • Fruit basket

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Half day tour 7:00 am to 11:00 am or 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm 30 USD/person (Please ask for group discounts) Immerse yourself in local cottage industries and learn more about local life and culture of the Tanintharyi people. Knowledgeable local tour guides will explain you the ancestral techniques used in traditional weaving fabrics, rubber production and cheroot factories. Don't miss the opportunity to try these arts and crafts yourself! Artisans and regional producers will be pleased to show you their skills. What is included in the price? English speaking local tour guide • Tuk Tuk transport • Tea and snack at local teashop • Drinking water


Half day tour (approx. 4 hours) One person: 30 USD/person Two person: 20 USD /person Three person : 15 USD/person Through the history of Dawei, let yourself be guided in this wonderful city, the capital of Tanintharyi Division. Visit architectural highlights from different periods (the Mon Empire, the Siamese influence, the British colonial past and the isolationist period). Experienced guides will share their knowledge and will bring you around the downtown. You will visit colonial buildings, traditional medicine shops, old houses, churches and market. Finally take a break in a local teashop and spend a good time with a local family. What is included in the price? English speaking local tour guide • Drinking water • Tea and snacks at local teahouse


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